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Welcome! This page contains links to the pages which make up the next level of the hierarchy which my pages are parts of. Symbols are explained on a separate page which to some extent is a disclaimer. Dates when changes have been made are stated after each sub-page below. More pages can be reached from my Swedish homepage (recommended if you understand Swedish).

Something about myself

Curriculum vitae - in Swedish (2013-01-07)


Movies seen (2023-09-16)


Swedish railway scenes (1998-04-19) and Swedish stations (1997-03-12) - photographs
International railway scenes (1997-03-12) and international stations (1997-03-13) - photographs

Model railways
Track plans for Märklin (2015-05-20)

Tracks and construction
Swedish signals - line signals with animated examples (1997-11-09)

Swedish trains and rolling stock - can also be viewed without frames (2011-03-25) [resting]

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