International railway scenes

International railway scenes

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An international night train, pulled by a Swedish Rc-engine, makes a short stop in Fredrikstad, Norway, a summer day in 1991.

A multiple TGV formation is ready to leave Gare de Lyon 1993-07-14, a suitable day to stay away from Paris. This train ran at 270 kilometres per hour for about two hours until the tracks to the south of Lyon forced it to lower its speed.

A tram in Japanese colours as part of a commercial drive in Zürich 1993-07-20. Sushi was served in some trams, including the one seen here.

A train on its way toward Chur on the fine narrow gauge Rhaetian railway in Switzerland has just met a train (not visible) bound for Saint Moritz 1993-07-22.

The train on its way to Saint Moritz passes the impressive Landwasserviadukt on the Rhaetian railway in 1993-07-22.

The harbour and station in Flåm, Norway, 1993-07-30. The short but very steep railway between Myrdal and Flåm is a popular tourist destination. It connects the Bergen railway line with the Aurland fjord, an offset of the Sogne fjord. Swedish X10-trains have been used here to strengthen the capacity.

This engine was pushing a boxcar toward the central station in Havanna when photographed in june 1995.

Trailers designed to transport railway cars on roads parked at the station in Rimini 1996-06-13.

A place that I have not visited: the station in Kuala Lumpur, 1997-01-06. The picture to the left shows the view toward Singapore. Svenska Hierarchy Homepage Homepage/Railways Top