Swedish stations

Swedish stations

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The station building in Ulvåker, photographed in the summer of 1993, a couple of years before the building of the road tunnel commenced.

HNJ:s (Halmstad-Nässjö järnvägar) line Kinnared-Ätran and its extension to Varberg are both gone, but the lengthman's cabin at the loading track and halt in Åhylte remains 1994-05-06.

The station in Rydöbruk, between Torup and Hyltebruk, 1994-05-06. HNJ (Halmstad-Nässjö Järnvägar) used to operate this line.

The station in Torup 1994-05-06, junction on the former HNJ mainline. A triangular track for the traffic to Hyltebruk and its papermill is situated outside the picture to the left.

Lyrestad is located where the Kinnekulle railway crosses Göta canal. The building gives a somewhat lively impression despite the peaceful atmosphere of an early summer day in 1994.

This photograph of the station i Limmared was taken 1994-06-11, the day of the official opening of the X2-2 traffic between Kalmar and Gothenburg. Limmared is not much of a junction nowadays since the former HNJ line Limmared-Falköping was completely closed.

Vaggeryd station 1994-06-18, a junction on the former HNJ mainline.

Knutpunkten with the tunnel seen from the south.

Front toward the north.
Knutpunkten (The Junction) is the name of the central station and ferry terminal in Helsingborg. The tunnel under the buildings replaced a track at the street level. Rainclouds covered the sky above the town at Öresund on 1994-07-16.

The station in Svedala in the summer of 1995. The line toward Ystad (to the right in the picture) is being electrified.

Heby station building is nowadays a beautiful brickworks museum. One of the brickworks of the district was located on the other side of the railway with access to loading tracks. The buildings appeared as shown here 1996-05-16.

Midskog is situated on the line Gullspång-Torved which was broadened to standard gauge in the middle of the 1960s. The only vehicles on the line today are bike trains, but the station building was still standing in the summer of 1996.

The new station building in Ånge 1996-07-22, from the left seen from the west, the north, and the east. The building contains among other things a library.

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