Swedish railway scenes

Swedish railway scenes

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An X2000 from Stockholm passes Väring a summer day in 1993. The train has four intermediate cars which was common at that time.

A Y1 stops in Oskarström 1995-06-30 on its way to Halmstad. This station once connected industries to the HNJ network.

Train 978 as Nordpilen ("The north arrow") from Göteborg passes Lagmansholm a day in the spring of 1996. The blue areas which occured on older cinema cars (the last one of this train) were later painted red.

A road tunnel is being built under the western trunk line in Ulvåker in the spring of 1996. Banverket (the Swedish national rail administration) replaces level crossings with tunnels and bridges to raise the maximum speed above 200 kilometres per hour. As seen here, the striving is to minimize hindrance: the trains are allowed to pass the construction site on the temporary bridge at a maximum speed of 70 kilometres per hour. There are no longer any switches at this station, and trains do not stop at all. The station building is in good shape though.

A train has just left Skara for Lundsbrunn 1996-09-01. Smoke from the engine is clearly visible, and a motor trolley equipped to extinguish fires is following the train. A classically orange-coloured railcar set, waiting on a siding, will soon switch track to take passengers aboard at the platform. Two of the switches to the right lead to dead-end sidings where the Skara railway museum has parked old freight cars with logos of local companies painted on them. This arrangement means an extra income for the museum and its narrow gauge (891 millimetres) railway Skara-Lundsbrunn (SkLJ).

The railcar set has made a short regular stop in Myråsen. The lights of the steam engine, which has switched end of its train to go back to Skara, are almost visible in Lundsbrunn several kilometres away. The comparatively straight line is 12 kilometres long and has only three major curves.

The front of a railcar with the symbol of the Swedish state railways (SJ), photographed at the same stop.

The railcars, the train and the motor trolley at the station in Lundsbrunn, waiting for departure for Skara (train and trolley) and Lundsbrunn health resort (railcars) respectively. To the left there is a dead-end siding with some more freight cars painted for local companies.

The steam enginge, number 29 of the Västergötland-Göteborg's railways (VGJ) for which Skara was an important junction, with a car from the Nordmark-Klarälven's railway (NKlJ).

The railcar set has stopped at Lundsbrunn health resort at the end of the line, and is ready to return to Lundsbrunn and Skara. The track once continued to the north, but has been removed not far beyond the railcars.

The railcar driver, waiting for "go", uses the line telephone at the approach signal in Skara.

A freight train from Holmsund is approaching Umeå 1996-07-18. The big cars next to the Rc-engine are only allowed for SCA transports Munksund-Holmsund.

A Y1 from Oskarshamn is coming in at Berga Saturday 1996-09-07 while the engineer is leaving Y2 1380 "Kisa-Mor" which will change direction to proceed to Kalmar.

Y2 1380 as train 8307 Linköping-Kalmar, regular departure from Berga at 12.04, is waiting for train 8312, a Y2 Kalmar-Linköping. The recently arrived Y1 from Oskarshamn has stopped at the station building. The dead-end siding of Banverket (the Swedish national rail administration) is visible just beyond the Y1. The line toward Hultsfred disappears to the right/north beyond the siding.

This car for heavy transports was visible in Hallsberg 1996-09-08. The train was pushed by a T44.

One of the new lines on the Mälar line (Mälarbanan) seen toward Västerås 1997-05-24.

The new station in Läggesta on the Svealand line (Svealandsbanan) 1997-05-24. The line continues to the right toward Södertälje.

On the line Arboga-Örebro on the Mälar line there is a new section with steep slopes (up to 2,5%). A motorway is being built parallel to the railway. This picture showing the line toward Arboga was taken 1997-05-24.

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