NAC test, February 2014. 


Yesterday it was time for the month NAC test.  

We started to load up the evening with a delicious fish soup SM6BWD had cooked and brought up to the clubhouse.  

How many deciliter or rather how many gallons of cream that was in the soup is "off the record". 


After the delicious fish soup, it was time to rig up the radio.  

We discovered pretty quickly that we had a little annoying noise that came and went for us. 

Sometimes it was gone and sometimes we had a top of the whole S5.  

First we thought it was something noises coming from outside but after the test, we made a systematic search in the clubhouse and found our own router, which had started to buzz.  

This meant that we probably lost a few long distance QSO this time.  


In the January test, we got 80 QSO and now yesterday we came up with 92 QSOs which  

was an increase of 12 QSOs, the score also increased from 40,907 to 42,459 which feels absolutely wonderful!!!


In recent years we have been QRT in the tests but now we can clearly see that we are starting to get on track with both logging and running.  


A little summary of the tests so far this year:  

                       No. of QSOs                Total Points               Longest QSO  

January                    80                              40907                    1045Km  

February                  92                              42459                      792Km  



Next month we will put in the next gear.
73 de Daniel SA6BPD