Radio: TS-2000
Antennas: 4x2M8WLHD  30Mtr AGL  300Mtr ASL
Feeder: 1 - 5/8"
Stacking Cable: 1/2"
All connectors are 7/16"


Via bureau or direct to:

Skövde Amatörradioklubb

c/o Bengt Karlsson

Lars Olofs gata 3B, 2tr.

SE-541 44 SKÖVDE


List of worked Squares
List of EME initials on 2m

List of 70 cm EME initials worked by

List of initial QSOs by SK6EI (JO68VK) on 70 cm.
Type of propagation: EME                Mode: All mode
From 01/11/1970 to 31/12/2003                                           Page: 1
NUM.    DATE     TIME CALLSIGN        LOCAT. TX       RX       S/R REMARKS   QRB
   1 14/12/2003 00:21 HB9Q            JN47CG O        O        Y/Y SM6THE   1296