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Announcement of Dxpedition to Myanmar ( XZ )

Derek-G3KHZ ,Hans -SM6CVX ,Nils-SM6CAS,Ulrika-SM7WYN and Eddy-K5WQG will
activate 3 NEW IOTA groups in Myanmar, namely AS-182, AS-183 and AS-184.
Probably also one more group, yet to be considered.

Activety will be between 15th of February and 15th of March  OR 15th of April until 15th of May 2016.
All domestic logistics like transport between these groups and equipment are already arranged through
our local tour agency. We intend to stay 6 days on each Island group and operation will be in
Call-signs will be released on a web-site that will be constructed in January.

Kind regards
Hans  SM6CVX


"Update on plans for Myanmar IOTA Dxpedition 2016

The original proposed dates for this Dxpedition were Febr/March or April/May. Since the original announcement there has been a general election in Myanmar and the new government will be installed in March. Licencing will be delayed until the new administration completes the transition.

We are in touch with the authorities. Our documents are with the administration. We have good liaison and we have in territory help to monitor and progress our license application. The DXpedition will be delayed until after the summer period to allow plenty of time for licencing and for HF conditions to be as favourable as possible.

Derek/G3KHZ, Hans/SM6CVX , Nils/SM6CAS , Ulrika/SM7WYN,Eddy/K5WQG"


Uppdatering 2016-09-21 angående Myanmar av Hasse, SM6CVX:

"We herewith have to inform the IOTA community that our Myanmar/ XZ IOTA-DXpedition to some new IOTAs has to be delayed. There were elections in Myanmar in November 2015 and we had to resubmit all our documentation.The new administration has now been selected but they need time to have new rules established.

All domestic logistics are in place through our local Myanmar contact.He is also in weekly contact with 3 different ministerial departments and has indicated to us that the first weeks of February 2017 seems to be a good time slot for our DXpedition. We cannot push harder.We must be patient.But we have every hope of activating new Myanmar IOTAs.

Therefore our intention is to plan the DXpedition for February 2017 subject to the Myanmar authorities finally giving us permission. We will give additional information as it comes.

Sorry for this delay which is outside our control. Kind Regards Derek / G3KHZ , Hans / SM6CVX ,Nils / SM6CAS, Ulrika / SM7WYN, Eddy / K5WQG and Steve / G4EDG "



Here latest information about our XZ-IOTA-expedition::

Myanmar IOTA Dxpedition-further delay We have been in contact with the Myanmar government for 7 months.With the help of our incountry contacts,we have made much progress with our requests to visit the new XZ island groups.

We already have agreement in principal for licenses. Unfortunately there is some instability in the country now and the military are busy with this. As a result we cannot yet get permission to visit the islands and so our Dxpedition is on hold.

We will update the DX community when we eventually get clearance to visit these new IOTAs.

73:s Hans SM6CVX ,Derek G3KHZ, Steve G4EDG ,Eddy K5WQG , Nils SM6CAS ,Ulrika SM7WYN



A team of G3KHZ/Derek, SM6CVX/Hans, DL6KVA/Axel, and G4EDG/Steve,

S21ED/Tuhin and S21TV/Anup  will be QRV from AS-127  and AS-140 in Bangladesh.

Operations starts around 13th of October and goes on until around
27th of October.

Activety on 40 to 15 meters will be used. Vertical dipoles for each band.
Its an IOTA-expedition and CW and SSB will be used.

QSL for AS-127 goes to SM6CVX and for AS-140 to G3KHZ.
QSL only via buro or direct as information on qrz.com.

Additional information will be on our web.site that will be opened
in a few days.”


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